Welcome to Fashion&Females!

This blog, above all things, is a celebration of women. In a world where at best, women still face a substantial gender pay gap and inequality in the workplace, to the worst, where they are treated as a subservient vessel, denied basic education and deprived of their human rights. Is it clear that regardless of age, race or income, we are all facing our own personal battles, no matter how big or small these are considered to be.

Before you read on I should inform you that this blog won’t contain any photos of Kim Kardashian’s ass I’m afraid, as lovely as it is! (that will be a completely different blog altogether  ) Nor will it mock celebrities’ outfits like a gossip column. Our world media is already obsessed with vilifying women for their choices. Be it for the length of their skirt or what size they wear it in.

Instead this is basically a platform for positive news about women in the world of fashion, film, politics, music and style. Its about celebrating women who are hard working, individual and inspiring, anyway I should probably stop now, before I launch into the lyrics of a Beyonce song…


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